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Swift Data Structure and Algorithms

Learn about Data Structures and Algorithms, coding them in Swift 3.0.

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Spanish podcast about Swift

Top ranked in iTunes
During different episodes, I talk with Andres Castaño about different aspects about Swift, iOS, and mobile development in general. We aimed for the latin/spanish community, because there are lots of podcast in english already.

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Hackathon and other projects

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2017 Cardiff NHS, 2 days Hackathon

2nd place
Created a Facebook Chat Bot with Facebook SDK, Node.js, Heroku and UK Gov Open APIs. The bot extract contextual information while chating with a user (name and location) in order to provide the closest hospital, pharmacy and gps around with full details. It is also able to communicate with the user in different languages like English, Spanish and French.

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Heap Sort algorithm: Swift & Objective-C implementations

Heap sort algorithm is a sorting algorithm that uses a data structure called heap. A Heap is a data structure similar to a binary tree (nearly completed) saved into an array. Heap Sort runs in O(n lg n) time. The main property of a heap is that it must maintain the Heap-Property. The Heap-Property depends on the type or Heap we are using.

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